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  • Membership shall be open to all persons fifty-five (55) years of age and over

  • Eighty percent (80%) of the Members must reside or own a business in Mississauga

  • Members have a responsibility to act in good faith and be respectful, fair and ethical

  • All members shall contribute to a safe environment, free from discrimination harassment and violence

  • The spouse or companion of a Member, regardless of age, may be allowed to become a member as long as he/she is within the five percent (5%) of the total membership

  • A potential Member may attend once (at no cost) and then must become a paid Member to participate in Club activities & to vote


  • Members who have attained the age of eighty-five (85) years and who have been members of the club for at least ten (10) years are eligible for Life Memberships, subject to confirmation by the Club’s Executive

  • Life Members have full voting rights but do not have to pay annual membership dues



  • The Membership Year is from October 1st through the 30th of September inclusive

  • Membership dues of $10.00/yr are payable each year during the membership drive October 1st

  • Members in arrears with their dues are not eligible to vote

  • Accurate records of the Membership will be maintained by the Membership Coordinator

  • Annual dues may only be changed at an Annual General Meeting by a majority vote of Members present

  • Annual dues will not apply to Life and Honorary Members of the Club except as decided by the Executive Committee


  • There are no weekly fees during the membership years 2023/24
  • The weekly fees (if applicable) are established by the Executive to meet the day to day running of the Club and may be changed at any monthly General Meeting of the Club

  • The fee for participating in Club activities is paid once a week only, no matter how many activities a member may attend during the week

  • Life Members are required to pay the Weekly Fee if he/she attends the activities


  • All information collected about members, with the members consent,  including but not limited to name, address, phone numbers, email addresses shall be protected in accordance with applicable laws and only will be used for the purposes of communication on club matters

  • Personal information will be kept in a locked filing cabinet

  • If member information is to be shared, each member must provide consent and sign a release of information form

  • Member information will not be distributed to any external group

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